Righting Software

出版社 Pearson Education
発売日 2019/12/10
ページ数 480
ISBN-13 9780136524038
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Right Your Software and Transform Your Career

Righting Software presents the proven, structured, and highly engineered approach to software design that renowned architect Juval L�wy has practiced and taught around the world. Although companies of every kind have successfully implemented his original design ideas across hundreds of systems, these insights have never before appeared in print.

Based on first principles in software engineering and a comprehensive set of matching tools and techniques, L�wy’s methodology integrates system design and project design. First, he describes the primary area where many software architects fail and shows how to decompose a system into smaller building blocks or services, based on volatility. Next, he shows how to flow an effective project design from the system design; how to accurately calculate the project duration, cost, and risk; and how to devise multiple execution options.

The method and principles in Righting Software apply regardless of your project and company size, technology, platform, or industry. L�wy starts the reader on a journey that addresses the critical challenges of software development today by righting software systems and projects as well as careers-and possibly the software industry as a whole. Software professionals, architects, project leads, or managers at any stage of their career will benefit greatly from this book, which provides guidance and knowledge that would otherwise take decades and many projects to acquire.

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DeepL 粗訳


ソフトウェアを正しくする は、有名なアーキテクトである Juval L�wy が世界中で実践し、教えてきた、ソフトウェア設計への実績のある、構造化された、高度に設計されたアプローチを紹介しています。あらゆる種類の企業が、彼のオリジナルの設計アイデアを何百ものシステムに実装することに成功していますが、このような洞察は、これまで紙面に掲載されたことがありませんでした。


『ソフトウェアの正しい使い方』の方法と原則は、プロジェクトや会社の規模、技術、プラットフォーム、業界に関係なく適用されます。L�wy は、ソフトウェア システムやプロジェクトだけでなく、キャリア、そして場合によってはソフトウェア業界全体を正すことで、今日のソフトウェア開発の重要な課題に取り組む旅へと読者を出発させます。