Practical Jamstack

Blazing Fast, Simple, and Secure Web Development, the Modern Way

出版社 Apress
発売日 2020/10/27
ページ数 307
ISBN-13 9781484261767
お届け日 通常 02月20日~02月27日

通常価格 ¥4,400

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Learn what JAMstack is all about, what those three big letters in the front mean and why it’s so beneficial. This book shows you how to create sites and apps on the JAMstack using GatsbyJS, a tool made specifically for generating them. As part of that, you’ll learn about React, one of the hottest front-end development tools out there today.

You will build three separate projects, starting with a relatively simple site to get your feet wet, then a more robust and dynamic application to see more advanced topics like API usage and data storage. Finally, you’ll build a game on the JAMstack to get a whole different perspective on how all the pieces can fit together.

JAMstack, a modern take on best practices, is taking the web development world by storm and allowing developers to create web site and apps that are blazingly fast and highly secure. In many ways JAMstack is a throwback to web development of yesteryear, all while providing a simpler development experience that is streamlined by many years of best practices being brought to bear.

What You’ll Learn

  • Review the principles of JAMstack: Javascript, APIs and Markup
  • Use React to build a front-end
  • Set up a GitHub account and hosting using GitHub Pages
  • Host in Netlify (the creators of JAMstack!)
  • Understand Netlify functions and FaunaDB for persistent data storage
  • Explore GraphQL usage for querying data
  • Work with the Phaser game library

Who This Book Is For

Web developers with some HTML, CSS and JavaScript experience, who want to apply best practices to build web sites that have no back-end server infrastructure while still providing dynamic content along with a streamlined development process. Architects who just want to learn JAMstack, even if they aren’t going to be hacking code all day.






  • JAMstackの原理を復習しましょう。Javascript、API、マークアップ
  • Reactを使ってフロントエンドを構築する
  • GitHubアカウントを設定し、GitHub Pagesを使ってホスティングする
  • Netlifyでホスト(JAMstackの生みの親!
  • Netlifyの機能とFaunaDBを理解してデータを永続的に保存する
  • データの問い合わせのためのグラフQLの使用法を探る
  • フェイザーゲームライブラリとの連携