Essential Typescript

From Beginner to Pro

出版社 Apress
発売日 2019/10/16
ページ数 546
ISBN-13 9781484249789
お届け日 通常 02月20日~02月27日

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Work with Typescript and get the most from this versatile open source language. Author Adam Freeman begins this book by describing Typescript and the benefits it offers, and goes on to show you how to use TypeScript in realistic scenarios, going in-depth to give you the knowledge you need.

Starting from the nuts-and-bolts and building up to the most advanced and sophisticated features, you will learn how TypeScript builds on the JavaScript type system to create a safer and more productive development experience and understand how TypeScript can be used to create applications using popular frameworks, including Node.js, Angular, React, and Vue.js.

Each topic is covered clearly and concisely and is packed with the details you need to learn to be truly effective. The most important features are given a no-nonsense in-depth treatment and chapters include common problems and details of how to avoid them.

What You Will Learn

  • Gain a solid understanding of the TypeScript language and tools
  • Use TypeScript for client- and server-side development
  • Extend and customize TypeScript
  • Debug and unit test your TypeScript code

Who This Book Is For Developers who want to start using TypeScript, for example to create rich web applications using Angular, React, or Vue.js

Adam Freeman is an experienced IT professional who has held senior positions in a range of companies, most recently serving as chief technology officer and chief operating officer of a global bank. Now retired, he spends his time writing and long-distance running.

DeepL 粗訳

Typescript を使って、この汎用性の高いオープンソース言語を最大限に活用しましょう。著者 Adam Freeman は、本書の最初に Typescript とその利点を説明し、現実的なシナリオでの TypeScript の使い方を紹介し、必要な知識を得るために深く掘り下げていきます。



  • TypeScript言語とツールをしっかりと理解する
  • クライアントとサーバーのためにTypeScriptを使用する
  • 。サイド開発
  • TypeScript の拡張とカスタマイズ
  • TypeScript コードのデバッグとユニット テスト

本書の対象者 TypeScript の使用を開始したい開発者。たとえば、Angular、React、またはVueを使用してリッチなWebアプリケーションを作成する場合などに使用します。